Intimidating witness massachusetts

06-Jan-2018 06:38

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He also told the witness about his two daughters, one of whom was in college, and asked the witness to recant.

Officer Ruano told the witness that by recanting, he would “make 200 plus friends and…

Officer Ruano’s girlfriend, who lived across the street from the witness, went to the witness’ house and asked if Officer Ruano could apologize.

The witness agreed, and Officer Ruano and his girlfriend appeared and were invited into the witness’ kitchen.

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This means that in exchange for a plea a prosecutor would agree to reduce the charge from assault and battery with a dangerous weapon to simple assault.

, the Massachusetts Appeals Court has ruled that a person who threatens to sue a witness in a criminal case with the specific intent to impede or obstruct the witness from participating in a criminal proceeding can be found guilty of Witness Intimidation under G.