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Most fossils are bones or teeth due to their relative hardness. Most of these organisms are very small, like insects, and need to be completely enclosed in a substance like tree sap (like in the movie ), a tar pit, or water that turns to ice.

Finding complete fossils like this is even rarer than finding parts of organisms.

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A fossil can be defined as any trace or artifact of life.

Fossils can give clues to the past and history of life on Earth.

Our goal is to determine what kind of animal it was and when it lived.

Want to find out how the history of life is written in the rocks?

fossil relative dating lab-77

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Back in the lab, we can study the fossil more closely.The Story That Rocks Can Tell By using prior knowledge of sedimentary rock formation and the agents of erosion and deposition, students use a set of rock samples and the principle of superposition to make observations and inferences. They will also consider the bedrock and glacial history of the area and weave a coherent story for the finding of the set of fossils.

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