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Ms Martinez, from Victoriaville in California, then reveals she is going to confront the cashier insisting: “We’re gonna get even, that’s what we’re gonna do.”Seconds later she then approaches the the window where the teenage cashier greets her.

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’" Screaming loud enough to send the dog tearing back the way it came, Carla dropped the snake and ran away, her knees pumping high in the air – "I thought for some reason that it was all over me,” she remembered.

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-- A Southern California woman was literally rattled when she picked up what she thought was a dog toy – only to find out it was a venomous snake.

Carla Portocarerro Rosso and her husband Ariel had just finished soaking in the jacuzzi at their Calabasas home when the terrifying encounter was captured on surveillance video. orders that contain flammable ingredients (ORMD) must be shipped ground.